Aim & Mission

page2_pic2Saadi Abbas aim is to keep Pakistan flag high by participating in events and securing gold medals, and winning championships. Saadi Abbas want to prove that Pakistan has a lot of talent in Karate also. There are people like Saadi who can promote Karate at local and international level in Pakistan. Saadi also want to tell foreigners that People of Pakistan are peaceful, happy and they love each other. They are against terrorism and in such tough times they are trying to promote peace and harmony.



page2_pic3The land of Pakistan has produced many talented athletes and players all the times. Pakistan has got a lot of talent in many fields such as Football, cricket, Hockey etc. Almighty Allah has gifted Saadi Abbas with Karate talent. He worked hard and represented Pakistan in many international events and championships. Saadi has won many awards, gold medals and championships and proved his talent in Karate. Saadi has kept Pakistan flag high in many events and countries by winning championships and gold medals. He is still doing hard work to promote Pakistan as a friendly country and state for others.


Karateka Profile

Saadi is a talented karateka and black belt holder. Following details prove his telent and expertise as a karateka

Achievement Organization/Association
01 Black Belt 1st Dan from (WKF) SPAIN, 2nd  Dan from (WSKF) IRAN.
02 Black Belt 1st Dan in Bando from Karachi District Karate Association.
03 Player/Member Pakistan National Karate Team. (2005- Till Date)
04 Player/Member Pakistan WAPDA Karate Team from 2007 to till date.
05 Player/Member AL AHALI CLUB Dubai as Professional Karate Player from 2007 to till date.