Saadi Abbas has participated in many local and international events and championships and have won many championships. Saadi always tried to keep Pakistan flag high in international matches and games. Some of his achievements are

Achievement Tournament/Championship
Gold Medal 4th South Asian Karate Championship 2017,  Colombo, Sri Lanka
Gold Medal 7th Commonwealth Karate Championship 2014, Montreal Canada.
Gold Medal UAE President Karate Championship 2017.
Double Gold Medal 1st South Asian Championship 2012, Delhi , India.
Gold Medal 10th Asian senior Karate Championship 2011, Guangzhou china.
Gold Medal 5th Commonwealth Karate Championship in (Below 67kg) 2009, Johannesburg.
Double Gold Medal 1st South Asian Karate Championship 2011, Delhi India.
Gold  Medal 10th SOUTH ASIAN GAMES   2006, COLOMBO.
Silver Medal 4th Islamic Solidarity Games 2017, Baku Azerbaijan.
Double Silver Medal 11th SOUTH ASIAN GAMES 2010, DHAKA.
Double Silver Medal 3rd Asian Open Karate-Do Championship Shitoryo, Shukokai Union 2007, Tehran.
Double Silver Medal Friendship competition between Pakistan and various team of Iran 2006, Mazandaran.
Silver Medal Shohadaye Fereydon Kenar Cup Karate International Tournament 2006
Bronze Medal 2th Asian senior Karate Championship 2013, Dubai , U.A.E.
Bronze Medal 11th Asian senior Karate Championship 2012, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Bronze Medal 5th Bosporus International Karate Championship in (Below 60kg) 2009, Istanbul.
4th Position 10th Asian Karate Championship in (Open & – 55 categories) 2007, Malaysia.
Quarter finalist 5th World Junior & Cadet Karate Championship in (Below 60kg) 2007, Istanbul.
7th Position 1st Asian Martial Arts Games in (Below 60kg) 2009, Bangkok
7th Position 20th World Senior Karate Championship in (Below 60kg) 2008, Tokyo.
Participant 16th ASIAN GAMES 2011, Guangzhou.
Participant 15th Asian Games 2006, Doha.
Participant In 7th & 8th Unity & Friendship Cup International Karate Tournaments i.e. (2006 & 2007) Tehran IRAN.
Participant W.S.K.F. National Karate Championship, Tehran, Iran


Saadi has not achieved best rankings, gold , medals, and won championships at international level but has also achieved many milestones at local and international level events in Pakistan.  Saadi is like an Un seen pearl who has a huge worth but is ignored many times as no one has put an eye at him.
Following are the National Level rankings achieved by Saadi Abbas.

Achievement Tournament/Championship
Double Gold Medal 32nd National Games 2012, Lahore
Double Gold Medal 21st National Karate Championship 2012, Peshawar.
Double Gold Medal 20th National Karate Championship 2011, Rawalpindi.
Double Gold Medal 31st National Games 2010, Peshawar.
Double Gold Medal 19th National Karate championship 2010, Islamabad.
Double Gold Medal 3rd Inter department Karate Championship 2010, Islamabad.
Double Gold Medal 18th National Karate Championship 2009, Hyderabad.
Double Gold Medal 17th National Karate Championship 2008, Sialkot.
Double Gold Medal 30th National Games 2007, Karachi.
Gold Medal 2nd National Ranking Karate Championship 2007, Lahore.
Gold Medal 16th National Karate Championship 2006, Sargodha.
Gold Medal 1st National Karate Ranking Championship 2006 Peshawar.
Gold Medal 15th National Karate Championship 2005 Karachi.


Achievements and performance shows the potential of talent of Saadi Abbas as Karateka. He is a die hart player of Karate who has a passion and love for Karate.

Achievement Tournament/Championship
Gold Medal US Open Karate Championship 2014, Las Vegas , USA
Gold & Bronze Medal 2nd Al Ahli open International Karate Championship, 2013
Gold & Bronze Medal 1st Al Ahali open International Karate Championship, 2012 Dubai
Gold Medal 2nd  All Arabs Clubs team Karate Championship 2008 Kuwait.
Gold Medal 3rd All Arabs Clubs team Karate Championship 2010, Dubai.
Gold & Bronze Medal 18th KOBA OSAKA International Karate World Cup, 2010. Evia Grecce. In (Below 67kg & Team Kumite.)
Gold Medal President Karate Cup, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 Dubai
Gold  Medal UAE Karate League,2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 Dubai.
Gold Medal UAE Open Karate Championship, 2008, till 2014 Dubai.
Silver Medal UAE Karate League, 2013, Dubai



Saadi participated in many international events and champions ships is year 2013 and 2014 and achieved a better and higher ranking world wide as athlete/karateka. Following are the details of achievements during year 2013 and 2014.

Year 2013

  • Paris Open, in January at Paris France.
  • Dutch Open, in March at Dordrecht, Holland.
  • Russian open in May at Tyumen, Russia.


Year 2014

  • Dutch Open , in March at Almere , Holland.
  • Slovenia Open , on March at Lasko , Solvenia.


Current Ranking is 20/500 athletes and expected to achieve more and better place as 5 more rounds are still remaining this year.